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I’ll be back !

It’s been a crazy 6 months or so and I’ve not had much spare time. Anyway it’s a new year, new season and I’m keener than ever to get started.

Checkout my 12 new babies they arrived a week or so ago as bare-root specimens and look at them now – unfurling and straightening out.


Taste of summer

Strawberries, one of the most versatile fruits available and growing in my garden. If you’ve never tasted a sun warmed, freshly picked strawberry, straight off the plant, then your missing out on one major sweet, juicy pleasure – not long till I do just that.

Strawberry plants are very easy to look after – first year ;-

  1. Choose a weed free, full sun, fertile, well-drained site.
  2. Space plants 10-12 inches a part.
  3. Before planting add extra organic matter to make the soil rich.
  4. Once planted keep soil moist.
  5. In first year remove flowers to encourage a strong root system.
  6. Remove dead leaves at the end of the season.

Second year and thereafter ;-

  1. In spring feed plants with a general fertiliser such as growmore.
  2. Weed and keep moist.
  3. During the growing season, feed every 7-14 days with a liquid potash such as tomato feed.
  4. As fruits start to swell, lay either straw or fibre mats around plants to prevent strawberries from being contaminated by soil.
  5. Pin down any runners until a good root system develops, then cut from the mother plant.
  6. Once harvesting as finished, remove old leaves, straw or fibre mats and do a general tidy-up of the area to prevent a build-up of pests and diseases.

Strawberry plants crop at their best for 3 years, use runners as a replacement of old plants. It’s also a good idea to use the crop rotation method as this helps to minimise attacks from pests and diseases that lurk in the soil.

Short life of a home baked Strawberry & Vanilla cupcake…

…needs no words except, delicious !!