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Hot Pepper

Since the weather was very poor and not much can be done outside. I figured it was time to sow my peppers before it’s too late. The seeds were covered with a 1/4″ of compost and put into a carrier bag to conserve moisture and placed in a warm place. Seedlings should appear in 7-14 days. Hmmm, we’ll see.


Herbs pots = £3.49

For some time now, I’ve been after a new set of herb pots for my kitchen windowsill. Which, when planted up, would look fab with the new decor. But the prices in the shops for such an item are ridiculous, to say the least. So I figured it was time to venture back to a time when, if you wanted to change a colour, you’d simply spray it. Nowt wrong with that ?

But first, I needed to find something to spray which was kinda plant-pot looking and free. So, I reckoned the allotment was a good place to check first. Over the years I’ve collected many things from places like carboots, flea-markets etc and most of it has ended up at the allotment.

It will come as no surprise then, when I say it took very little time to come across the perfect candidates – 3 little metal buckets. So up went the eviction notices for all the residents, followed by a short but swift bulldozing of property……Sorry !!!

The metal buckets in the state inwhich I found them.

The new finished look.

Ok ok. Perhaps not the most creative of jobs. But that would have meant spending more money then I did, which was £3.49 for a single can of spray. I’m happy with the results. You never know, I might in the future decide to re-spray them.

I think they look fab and I grew the herbs from seed myself.