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…is it me your looking for.

Ooops !!

I haven’t forgotten…..really. Time these Jack O’ lantern pumpkins were potted on, being very greedy and hungry plants they’d soon suffer if I didn’t.


Using a fork gently lift from the tray.


And pot on into individual modules; where they’ll remain for 2 weeks before being repotted again.



I’ll be back !

It’s been a crazy 6 months or so and I’ve not had much spare time. Anyway it’s a new year, new season and I’m keener than ever to get started.

Checkout my 12 new babies they arrived a week or so ago as bare-root specimens and look at them now – unfurling and straightening out.


Nature’s colour palette…

Yellow Flag Iris

Diascia ‘Pink Queen’

Nemesia and Calibrachoa

Asiatic Lily ‘Tropical Breeze’ when it flowers.

Bacopa ‘Blutopia’