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An ambitious winter plan

For some time now, I’ve had ambitious plans to build myself a new greenhouse and shed at the allotment. A major problem is the expense of it all, bricks, wood and glass don’t come cheap. There’s also another tiny problem, I’ve never built a greenhouse before, but I have built a kids playhouse, cold frames, polytunnels, compost holders and other things.

Yes, that’s right. Some women like myself do have the skills and strength, and an ability to build too. Haha. Am I qualified ? You know what, I do believe I am…

…ok, so I have to make a decision. Since I cannot build the two structures this year I have to choose between either a new greenhouse or shed, ermm…..greenhouse, that was easy. My current 8×6 little greenhouse really doesn’t meet my needs and whilst a bigger shed would be nice; it’s not imperative it happens this year.

So the other night at 1 in the morning, under the ambient light coming through the doorway from the passage, I decided to roughly sketch what I visually imagine my greenhouse to look like. Although, I’m not sure about whether it’ll be cold frames or a shelving system under the windows – a minor technicality which doesn’t require much thought at the moment……….But, what isn’t a minor technicality however, is the forgotten ventilation in them panes of glass. Tut tut. Haha. Other than that, I can’t think of many more changes to make.

I think I’ll make a start on the foundations in August, when harvesting is well under way and thoughts of the coming winter begin to surface. In the meantime, I shall make a start on building a much needed teeny weeny shed in my backyard.