…it's a passionate obsession.

Petunia’s – don’t stop me, now !

Took a stroll up to the garden today, I say a stroll, it was more like a gallop. The garden has accelerated into life with all this rain of late, everything needs my attention like yesterday. With so many jobs still left to do I am starting to struggle with my time management or lack of. My intention this afternoon was to do some heavy graft, with still half the garden left to turn over and rake, I really need to crack on and finish this back-breaking task – my least favourite of all the garden jobs.

However, it didn’t take long before I was thrown off course when I noticed the petunia’s in the greenhouse looking sad and lustreless. Eliminating several possibilities like drought, pests and draft. I quickly concluded after popping one from its cell, that in fact, the problem lay in their outgrown cells. Which, if they’d stayed in a day longer would have stopped their ability to take up vital nutrients and restrict growth. And since I am a month behind already as I didn’t start sowing until February, I really need to keep the relay running smoothly so they have a chance to catch up.

So, the afternoon was spent potting on and on….

Petunia, Rapid Trailing

Petunia, Rapid Cascade looking a lot happier.


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